May 17

Open Course Data – Data Mappings to XCRI-CAP

Undergraduate Example – BSc (Hons) Geography with Economics


XCRI feed given in bold; comments given in italics.





(2 identifiers – one would appear to be a direct link and another just the unique identifier)



Marketing – web-prospectus




<dc:title>BSc (Hons) Geography with Economics</dc:title>

LUSI has: BSc Geography with Economics 3

Website: Typed


<dc:subject>Geography with Economics</dc:subject>

This should be programme name initially but can be expanded

LUSI: vle_programmes_v long_title

Website: Typed


<dc:description> This is a combined honours degree programme and will appeal to students who are looking to develop a higher level of understanding in geography whilst also gaining some experience in the field of economics.


Students spend two-thirds of their time studying Geography with one third of each year comprising modules from Economics. Skills acquisition and assessment are increasingly important for employment prospects and these are given prominence throughout the programme.</dc:description>

Website: Typed



For example aims.  Currently not held at programme level.





<mlo:assessment> Modules are assessed by examination, by a combination of coursework and examination, or entirely by coursework.</mlo:assessment>


Findings are this information varies across departments.



Currently not held at programme level.


<mlo:prerequisite> A Level (not including General Studies or Key Skills)

AAB from three A Levels. Geography or related subject is useful but not necessary. AS Levels not accepted. SQA Advanced Highers: A/B Highers: majority B grades International Baccalaureate (points) 34-36 Other qualifications & requirements Irish Leaving Certificate: AABBBB at Higher level including Maths, English and Geography. Advanced Diploma Environmental & Land based: 400 points including A Level Geography or related subject.</mlo:prerequisite>


Website: Typed.  Entrance Requirements section




Regulations relevant to a course of study.






Marketing – web-prospectus










<dc:title>BSc (Hons) Geography with Economics</dc:title>

LUSI has: BSc Geography with Economics 3

Website: Typed




Abreviated form of the title of the qualification e.g. BSc/GeoEc



e.g. Undergraduate/Postgraduate?

LUSI?  Should be able to tell from the course code.


<awardedBy>Loughborough University</awardedBy>


<accreditedBy>Loughborough University</accreditedBy>







The scheme under which credits are obtained.



The level at which credits are obtained.



The number of credits that can be obtained.






<dc:identifier>LL17 12</dc:identifier>


Unique for the presentation – for example prepended with yearcode


<dc:title> </dc:title>

<dc:subject> </dc:subject>



<mlo:start>1st October 2012</mlo:start>



<mlo:end>28th June 2013</mlo:end>



<mlo:duration>3 Years</mlo:duration>

Website: Typed


<studyMode identifier=”FT”>Full Time</studyMode>

Website: Typed

Two letter codes are: FL, FT, PF, and PT (NK Not knowing), see XCRI wiki for explanation


<attendanceMode>campus based</attendanceMode>

Not currently held.  Can have distance learning, campus-based, work-based, online



Not currently held.


<mlo:cost>UKEU and International fees</mlo:cost>

Not currently held.




Website: Typed.  Entrance Requirements section




<applyUntil> </applyUntil>








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