Open Course Data Project

This project will develop an XCRI-CAP feed of course marketing information from Loughborough’s prospectus and programme approval data, and will also look at process simplification and efficiency savings in this area. It is our intention that the resulting XCRI-CAP feed will then be validated and aggregated using the tools being developed by related projects under the JISC Open Course Data programme. We expect there to be a number of benefits to the institution from this work, many of which will also be of interest to the larger community and inform work on related initiatives such as the HEFCE Key Information Sets.

In preliminary work we identified the University’s in-house Student Information System (LUSI) and Web Content Management System (Site Manager from Terminal Four) as the key IT systems concerned with the production and distribution of the XCRI-CAP data feed.

Loughborough is moving to an approach where the online prospectus (managed through Site Manager) is the canonical source of course marketing information. The LUSI system is used to manage student records, provide management reporting and generally support course administration. There is much commonality between the two systems, but consistency is presently maintained through manual checks. As part of our project we will explore closer integration and process improvements more generally.

The project will document the process of stakeholder engagement and technical development via regular blog posts on, tagged “ocd”. Project outputs will be released under appropriate licenses, e.g. Creative Commons for reports and documentation, and an Open Source license for code developed by the project.